Indo-Greek and Indo-Scythian coins (200 BC-20 AD)

In the last two centuries BC, the modern Afghanistan, Pakistan and northern India were overran by various people usually put under the umbrellas of "Indo-Greek" (the successors of the Alexander the Great in Afghanistan and Pakistan), "Indo-Scythians" (descendants of the Scythians who settled in the area) and "Indo-Parthians" (Persians or people who identified with the Persians who periodically invaded and settled in the area). After decades or centuries fighting each other, these people became closely related - they are often difficult to distinguish from each other, especially in the later period (for example, the Western Kshatrapas might have been either Indo-Scythians or Indo-Parthians). Their fascinating bilingual (Greek and Kharoshti) coinage is often beautifully executed and remains very popular with the collectors.