Lot of 7 brockage errors various silver wire kopeks, 16th-17th century, Russia

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Horse and rider, mintmark below  / Cyrillic inscriptions in 5 lines, giving the name of the Tsar and his titles. 10-15mm in diameter, 0.5-0.7 grams each..

This is a selection of 7unsorted and unattributed brockages of  silver wire coins dating to the late 16th and 17th century AD. The price is for the exact lot of 7coins shown above.

Brockages are mint-errors, struck when a freshly minted coin was stuck in the die. The next coin was minted with one normal die and with theof the coin stuck in the second die. This resulted in a coin with one normal side and an incuse and retrograde impression of the other side.