Extremely nice and rare double-sided coin! Silver punchmarked 1/2 karshapana from Cheitya Janapada, ca.400-300 BC, Ancient India

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Four punchmarks - an elephant, two geometric symbols and and interesting large symbol consisting of three tourine symbols, curcles and a border of dot / four visible symbols from the undertype including an elephant, a strange humanoid figure and two decorated star punches. 18mmx16mm, 1.59 grams. Rajgor - (similar to series 22 and 26)

Very rare overstruck or double-sided coin, seems to be unpublished. Of numismatic interest, as coins like this one help to establish the relative age of different types.

The coins from the hoard from Chhindawara in Madhya Pradesh were recently published by Shtrugan Jain in JNSI. The coins were found on Waiganga river in Chhindawara. Their addtribution is to Chetiya Janapada and is based on the find spots of these types of coins. This beautiful type is very rare, not previousely published.

Chedi (or Chetiya) Janapada, covering parts of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, was one of the original 16 Janapadas. Sometimes in ca.4th century, the Vidarbha region (previousely a part of Chetiya) became independent.




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