Rare! Silver damma of Da'ud al-Muhallabi (800-820 CE), Abbasid Governor of Sindh

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Rare! Silver damma of Da'ud ibn Yazid al-Muhallabi (800-820 CE), Governor of Sindh under the Abbasid Caliphate

Allah wali / Da'ud / wa nasarahu ("Allah is the friend of Da'ud and his helper") // Muhammad / rasul / Allah ("Muhammad is the messenger of God"). 11mm, 0.59 grams. G/G #AS20 (incorrectly listed as a Habbarid Amir); Fishman/Todd "The Silver Damma" #CS12.

Da'ud was a member of the powerful al-Muhallabi family, a son of Yazid ibn Hatim, the Governor of Ifriqiyah under four Caliphs. He became was appointed to the governorship of Sindh by Caliph Harun al-Rashid in 800 CE. It is obvious from the numismatic record that Da'ud rejuvenated coin production (which might have ended some four decades earlier), minting coins on a scale hitherto unknown in Arab Sindh. He introduced the standard "Allah wali" inscription Da'ud's version of the legends remained one of the standard inscriptions on the coins of some of his successors and on many Habbarid coins for well over a century. Most coins of Da'ud are very worn (often with the reverse completely smooth) and it seems that they remained in circulation for up to two centuries, as they are often found hoarded alongside 9th to 10th century CE Habbarid coins. Da'ud's coins which were buried or hoarded in the early 9th century CE (like many of the coins pictured below), and thus did not see decades of circulation, are very rare, unlike the more worn examples.



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