Quality silver 2 ghani of Ghiyath al-Din Balban (1266-1287 AD), Sultanate of Delhi, India

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Bilingual inscriptions (reflecting the intersection of Islamic and Hindu cultures): Balban in Arabic in a double circle, Sri Sultan Ghayasadin in nagari around / al-sultan al-azam ghiyath al-dunya wal din in arabic. 16mm, 3.61 grams. "The Coins of the Indian Sultanates" D-165; Rajgor 927, 930; Mitchiner WOI 2526. 

Two-ghani piece (=2 jitals = jital dugani = 1/24th of a silver tanka). Excellent debased silver coin, decent quality metal. 

Ghiyasuddin Balban (reigned: 1266 – 1287 as a Sultan of Delhi) was a son of a Central Asian Turkic noble of the Ilbari tribe, but as a child he was captured by Mongols and sold as a slave at Ghazni. Later, he was bought by Sultan Iltutmish in 1232 CE.. He was first appointed as Khasdar (king's personal attendant) by the Sultan. He became the head of the Chalissa, a group of forty Turkic nobles of the state. After the overthrow of Razia Sultana, he made rapid strides in the subsequent reigns. He was initially the Prime Minister of Sultan Nasiruddin Mahmud from 1246 to 1266 and married his daughter. Since Sultan Nasiruddin did not have male heir, after his death, Balban declared himself the Sultan of Delhi. Balban ascended the throne in 1266 at the age of sixty with the title of Ghyasuddin Balban.



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