Billon tanka of Sikandar Shah Lodi (1488-1517 AD), 903 AH / 1497 AD, Sultanate of Delhi, India (D-705)

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Persian inscriptions on both sides: Al-mutawakkil alal rahman sikandarshah bahlul shah sultan bi-hadrat dehli / fi zaman amir al-mu minin khulidat khilafatuhu. 19mm, 9.47 grams. Dated to 903 AH =1497 AD. Hadrat Dehli mint. White colour, decent quality billon. "The Coins of the Indian Sultanates" D-705.

Sikandar was the son of Sultan Bahlul Khan Lodi and Bibi Ambha, the daughter of a Hindu goldsmith of Sirhind. Sikandar was of Afghan origin through his father. He became Sultan upon the death of his father on July 17, 1489. He died in 1517 and has an elaborate burial tomb that resides in Lodi Gardens, Delhi.