Bronze drachm (with silvering) of Triloka Chandra I (ca. late 13th century), Kangra Kingdom (Tye #68)

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Stylized horseman right / Brahmi inscriptions in 3 lines: Maharaja / Sri Triloka / Chandra Deva. Scarce. Much nicer than these usually are. 14mm, 3.06 grams. "The Catalogue of Katoch rulers of Kangra"#17 or similar; Tye 68.

The reverse shows some silvering.

Kangra is a district is in the western part of Himachal Pradesh, in the low foothills of the Himalayas. It was the place of an ancient Hindu Kangra Kingdom. The kings of Kangra are almost unknown in history, their existence was shadowy and the dating of their reigns is tentative.Their coins are fairly scarce, not well-studied and difficult to find.