Silver drachm of Madana Palla Deva (ca.1145-1167), Rajas of Delhi, India

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Horseman right, holding standard, Nagari legend: SRI MA-DANA PALA DEVA / Bull facing left, Nagari legend above: MADHAVA-SRI SAMANTA DEVA. Decent silver, large flan - 15mm, 3.12 grams. Mint of Delhi, Tye #45.1.

The silver drachms (or jitals) were issued by 9 different Tomaras and Chauhan Rajas of Delhi. These coins of the Hindu Delhi Rajas were copied by Muhammed bin Sam and some later muslim rulers of Delhi. These coins are made of fairly decent silver and of large flans. They are not exactly rare, but they do not show up on the market very often and are difficult to find.