Rare silver haler (with "T" mintmark) of Sigismund of Luxemburg from Schlesian Poland, as King of Bohemia (1419-1437), Breslau (Wroclaw) issue in Poland

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Head of John the Baptist / Bohemian lion, "T" mintmark below. 12mm, 0.25 grams. Breslau (Wroclaw) mint (then Bohemia, now Poland). Kopicki 8765 (R2).

Rare, especially in such nice condition.

Sigismund (Hungarian: Zsigmond, Croatian: igmund, Czech: Zikmund,) (14 February 1368 9 December 1437) was King of Hungary, of Croatia from 1387 to 1437, of Bohemia from 1419, and Holy Roman Emperor for four years from 1433 until 1437, the last Emperor of the House of Luxemburg. He was also King of Lombardy from 1431, and of Germany from 1411. Sigismund was one of the driving forces behind the Council of Constance that ended the Papal Schism, but which in the end also led to the Hussite Wars that dominated the later period of Sigismund's life.



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