Rare gold fanam, Padmanabhapuram? or Rajas of Kandy, S. India, 1500's, H#1.16.08

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Very stylized images of Lion / Boar. 8mm, 0.36 grams. Unknown mint (possibly Padmahabhapuram) in the extreme South India or in Sri Lanka. Hans Harrli "Gold Fanams"  #1.16.08. SKU x2349-w34846

These Vira Raya type fanams are found generally in the extreme South India and in Sri Lanka. The location of the mint where these were struck is unknown - it is sometimes assumed they were struck in Padmanabhapuram or elsewhere in Southern Venad, and imported to Sri Lanka through trade. This particular type was a prototype for the silver fanams of the Rajas of Kandy in the 1500's, and this gold fanam was possibly struck by them.