Uncertain gold Kali fanam minted by the British EIC company or the Dutch VOC company in Southern India, ca.1639-late 1700's, India (Herrli #3)

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Degenerate Kali with the Tanjore rosette on the breast / Blank, struck with a concave die. 7mm, 0.35 grams. Uncertain mint. 6mm, 0.34 grams. Herrli #3.

There is a large number of fanams with a Tanjore-style Kali on obverse which combines elements of the Madras British EIC fanams ad Dutch VOC fanams. The reverses of these coins do not show a legible inscription, but either a very faint inscription or just a circular bump. t is not known who issued these coins, but I think these coins are Dutch issues struck with very worn old dies, or local issues, issued by the petty Caramandal coast chiefs.