Rare gold fanam minted by the Dutch VOC company, uncertain mint, ca.1657-1784, South-Eastern India (?)

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Degenerate Kali with the Tanjore rosette on the breast, circle (sun) left, star and crescent moon right / Extremely stylized Ranga Rau legend, degenerated into a geometrical design. 5mm, 0.35 grams. Herrli #3.12.05; Krause KM #31 var..

It is not known where this variety was produced. The crescent and star was used in Mysore at this time, and it is possible that they represent a mintmark of one of the coastal cities in Mysore under the control of VOC or in Negapatam itself. It is also possible that this is actually a Tanjore issue, though they cannot be identified with any certainty. The Dutch VOC company received the right to strike fanams in from Tanjore. Krause dates these coins to ca.1675 and states they were struck for circulation in Ceylon. The coins are slightly debased, the purity of these coins seems to range from about 14 karats to 18 karats. Rare little coins!