HUGE! Large silver vishmatika (42-manas) from Kashi Janapada, period of occupation by Kasala (ca.525-475 BC), India (Rajgor 825)

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Four punchmarks / Large bankers' marks. 24mmx20mm, 4.74 grams. Rajgor "Punch-marked coins of early historic India" #825.

In ca.525 BC Kashi, the long-time enemy of Kasala, was conquered by it, and was administered as a Kasal province until the conquest of Kasalaby Magadha in ca.475 BC. During the earlier part of this period, Kashi issued vishmatikas (heavy silver coins struck toa 42-mana standard), and later switched to a karshapana standard,closely adhering to the general layout of the Kasala coins. This coin, as well as a few other we are offering, are from a small hoard of large vishmatikas. They are all rare coins.