Bronze anonymous 2-kasu, issued by the Rajas of Sivaganga (ca.1730-1801), Independed Kingdom in South India (KM #6.2)

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Two deities enthroned / Lingam surrounded by an outline of dots. 13mm, 3.39 grams. KM 6.2.

Sivaganga, located in the extreme south of India, was the larger portion of the Kingdom of Ramnad controlled was controlled by Raja Sasivarnan (1730 - 1750) who divided Ramnad into five parts and retained three for himself and his successors. He granted the two parts to Sasivarnan of Nalukottai conferring on him the title of "Rajah Muthu Vijaya Regunatha Peria Oodayan". The following rulers of Sivaganga were Raja Sasivarnan (1730 - 1750 ), Raja Muthu Vaduganathan (1750 - 1772), Rani Velu Nachiyar(1772 - 1780)Maruthu brothers (1748-1801). In 1801 the territory was annexed by the British.