Very nice large silver tetradrachm, Danubian Celts, ca.2nd century BC, imitating Macedonian tetradrachms of Phillip III

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Very crude head of Herakles right  / Zeus Aëtophoros enthroned left; holding eagle, monogram below the throne and another monogram to left. 29mm, 15.06 grams. Issue by uncertain Danubian Celts. Lanz 918; CCCBM I S187; KMW 1482.

Beautiful quality - the coin is about "as struck"

The dies for these coins were used for long decades. The obverse die, depicting the head of Heracles, was cut on a very high relief - it quickly broke and degenerated into a large blob of silver, sometimes with the neck-line and the nose discernable. This does not seem to have stopped the moneyers from continuing to use the dies, and the coins continued to be minted with the completely broken obverse die. This piece comes from an apperant hoard sold by CNG. The entire hoard was struck from only a few sets of dies, and all coins imitated the coins of Philiip III. Interesting and beautiful large silver piece! The coins are from the same dies (or closely related dies) as CNG coins from sale 274, lot 529.