VERY rare AE2 of Theodosius II (402-450 AD), Cherson mint, late Roman Empire

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Helmeted bust of Theodosius II facing right, holding spear and shield, DN TH[EODO]SIVS PF AVG / Two Emperors (Theodosius II and Valentinian III), nimbate, standing facing, holding spears and a cross, CONCOR-DIA AGV (sic), CONS in exergue. 22mm, 4.3 grams. Mint of Cherson in Sarmatia, minted in ca.437 AD. Planchet break, formed during the cold-minting of the coin (seems to be a fairly common feature on these). RIC 460.

Supreme rarity, with only a handful of known examples. Quick note about the AE2's of Theodosius II - the coins offered for sale below are among the rarest coins of the late Roman Empire. These coins, despite bearing the mark of the Constantinopolis mint, were almost definitely struck in the ancient Cherson, just as the large bronzes of Valentinian III, Leo, Verina and Zeno.