Unlisted variety! Follis of Licinius (307-324 AD), Siscia mint, Roman Empire

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IMP LICINIVS AVG, laureate bust of Licinius facing right / VICT LAETAE PRINC PERP, two Victories resting shield on altar, inscribing VOT P R on a shield. ΔSIS• in exergue. Siscia mint. 19mm, 3.07 grams. RIC - (cf.86).

Very unusual coin - this type is recorded only for a •ΔSIS• mintmark, but on this coin the first dot was not placed. The coins in RIC with this mintmark do not have the obverse inscription that appears on this type. This coin is either from a transitional type (between RIC 62 and RIC 86) or an engraver's error. An interesting coin!