VERY rare AE2 of Leo (457-474 AD) w/SALVS RPVRLICA, Cherson mint, Roman Empire (RIC 660)

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Leo facing right, DN LEO P-RPET AG / SALVS R-PVRLICA, Emperor standing right, holding standard and globe, treading down on a prostrate captive, CON in exergue. Good VF, brown patina. 18mm, 4.70 grams. Cherson mint. RIC 660.

These AE2's carry the mintmark of Constantinopolis, but were probably struck in Cherson, Sarmatia. They are all rare - The small size of the whole issue is evident from the fairly small number of dies that were used. The coins can be conveniently divided into two different group - VIRTVS EXRCITI (always mis-spelled), and the second group with a reverse inscription SALVS REIPVBLICAE.