Unique and unpublished interesting AE2 of Leo (457-474 AD), Cherson mint, Roman Empire

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Obv: Leo facing right, DN LEONI-RPET AVG. Rev: SALVS R-PVRLICA, Emperor standing right, holding standard and globe, treading down on a prostrate captive, CON in exergue. RIC -.

A very interesting unpublished obverse inscription variety. It is very probable that the first part of the inscription (DN LEONI-[S PP AVG] - RIC 653-4, 664) was first engraved, but when the engraver moved to the second half of the inscription, he started to engrave the second half of a different inscription type - [DN LEO P]-RPET AVG - RIC 652,657-663), resulting in a unique mixture of the two legends. Completely unpublished, as far as we can tell.