Large (35mm!) silver dirhem of Nuh II ibn Mansur (366-387 AH / 976-997 AD), Balkh mint, Samanid Empire

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Arabic inscriptions: "There is no God except Allah alone. He has no partner" in the central field, "In the name of Allah this dirhem was struck at Herat in the year three hundred and eighty seven" in the margins / "Allah is one, Allah is eternal. He begets not neither is he begotten" in the central field, "Mohamed is the prophet of Allah whom he sent with guidance and the religion of truth that he may make it victorious over every other religion". Minted in 387 AH = 997 AD, mint of Balkh. 35mm, 3.24 grams. Mitchiner WIS 708-712v. The Samanids were a native dynasty in Central Asia and Greater Khorasan, named after its founder Saman Khuda who converted to Sunni Islam despite being from Zoroastrian theocratic nobility.