RRR Lead 4 kash with AMAGER, Christian IV (1588-1648), Tranquebar mint, Danish India (KM 12)

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DAN/NIS/BOR/G in four lines / AM/AGE/R in three lines. Mint of Tranquebar. 18mm, 3.84 grams. Mint of Tranquebar, Krause KM 12. SKU T524-dl13

Rare! Listed in Krause at 240$ in VF.

The early lead coins from the Danish India are very rare - the humid hot climate was not merciful to the lead coins, and almost all of them are found in an extremely poor condition. This coin is quite exceptional for these, and almost impossible to find in such high grade.The Danes got their main trading post in India on the Coromandel coast, at the delta of the Cauvery river in 1620 (some 10 km North of the French enclave of Karikal and 30 of Negapatnam). The original name of Tarangambadi ("the singing surf" in Tamil) was changed to Tranquebar in Danish. Tranquebar remained Danish for 225 years, until it was sold, together with Frederiksnagore, to the British in 1845. The Danish, who had already abandoned their factory in Colachel in 1824, officially handed over also the Nicobar islands - called by them "Frederik Islands" - to the British in 1868.



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