Rare antoninianus of Tetricus II as Augustus (ca.273/274 AD), Gallo-Roman Empire

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...RICVS AVG, Tetricus facing right / [LAETITIA] AVGVST, Laetitia standing, holding wreath and a rudder 17mm, 2.41 grams. The rare issues of Tetricus II as Augustus are not well-studied and somewhat obscure. They are often barbarized, and sometimes depict Tetricus II as a young man (not a boy, like his antoniniani as Caesar) and with a short rounded beard. These coins are scarce to rare - shortly after Tetricus II was elevated to the rank of Augustus the Gallo-Roman Empire came to an end, so these issues were quite small. CNG recently sold a few of these in the 300 to 400 dollar range.