Rare crude 4-prutot (AE20) of Mattathias Antigonus (40-37 BC), Ancient Judea

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Single cornucopiae tied with ribbons; vine leaf and grapes hang; Hebrew (Mattatayah the High Priest) / Greek inscription in three lines within wreath and border of dots: BACIL/ANTIGO/NOU. 20mm, 7.12 grams. Meshorer type V; Hendin 482. SKU T1990-53111

Exceptionally crude, struck with worn broken dies on a cast flan. These coins were produced under emergency and the quality was usually very low.

Antigonus the Hasmonean (died 37 BCE) was the last Hasmonean king of Judea. A puppet king installed by the Parthians, he was the son of King Aristobulus II of Judea. In 37 BCE Herod handed him over to the Romans for execution, after Antigonus's three-year reign during which he led the Jews' fierce struggle for independence against the Romans.



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