Quality AR jital of Mohamed Bin Sam (1193-1206), Bamiyan?, Ghorids of Ghazna (Tye-187)

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Horseman right, holding standard. Sri Hamirah ("Amir") around / Bull standing left, partial Sri Mahamada Sama in Nagari. 15mm, 3.26 grams. NM, but probably Bamiyan (?). Tye 164. SKU T2001-53066

High quality silver coin from the famous Muslim Ghorid conqueror of Delhi - the silver is debased, but excellent quality metal, rare this nice.

Sultan Shahab-ud-Din Muhammad Ghori, originally called Mu'iz Uddin Muhammad bin Sam (and also referred to by Orientalists as Muhammad of Ghor and famously known as just Ghori) (1150 - March 15, 1206), was the greatest ruler of the Ghurid dynasty from the famous house of Sur who were rulers of Ghor for five hundred years. He is credited with laying the foundation of Islamic occupation in India that lasted for several centuries. He reigned over a territory spanning present-day Afghanistan, Pakistan and northern India.



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