Rare variety AR tanka, Akbar (1556-1605), Mandu, Malwa issue, Mughal Empire

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Kalima / Akbar's name and titles, mint name and date (918 AH (probably an error for 981 AH / 1573 AD). Mandu mint. 18mm, 6.93 grams. KM-75 var. SKU T1304-52329

Rare early style variety in the style of the latest coins of the last Sultan of Malwa Baz Bahadur. No coins of this variety are listed in Krause or on Zeno. With a crude "Mandu" for mint. Pieces with a legible mint name are very rare.

Old style tankas in the style of Sultans of Malwa continued to be struck at the newly acquired territories by Akbar until ca.1000 AH at Mandu, Ujjain and Ujjainpur (and the copper coins were minted there until the reign of Jahangir and Shah Jahan). After ca.1000 AH the silver coins were replaced by regular Imperial issues. The silver tankas are usually mintless and dateless. Where a part of a mint can be observed, it is usually very crude "Mandu" or "Ujjain", or very crude word which cannot be read. Because of this uncertainty, the term Mandu-Ujjain has been used for this series.



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