Bronze fals, Georgia under Khwarizm, invasions of Jalal al Din 1225-1230

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Al-sultan al-azam in two lines. // Jalal ad-Dunya wa™l-Din. 18mm, 4.66 grams. Minted in Tbilisi. Cf. Z-12135. SKY T819-52259

A previously unknown variety, first published in: Paghava I., Turkia S., Lobzhanidze G. Jalal al-Din Mangubarni™s copper coin minted in the Kingdom of Georgia and without marginal legend. Journal of Oriental Numismatic Society #192, Summer 2007. P. 6-8.

In 1225 Georgia was invaded by Jalāl al-Din and, a few years later, by the Mongols.
In November 1225 Jalāl al-Din, successor to the Khwarazm Muhammad Shah, defeated the Georgian army and occupied he captured Tbilisi. In 1226, in the abandoned Tbilisi (Rusudan fled to Kutaisi) Jalāl al-Din, probably, took hold of the state coffers, which he used for the issue of his money. After he was defeated by the Mongol, Georgia came under the Mongol domination.



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