Ban-liang cash w/rare "ban", Wu Di (140-87 BC), W. Han, China (G/F 13.134)

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Two large Chinese characters Ban Liang ("Half an ounce"), outer rim / "Rain lines", no rims. 25mm, 2.79 grams. Gratzer/Fishman "The Early Round Coins of China" #13.148; BM Chinese coins (Poole) #256ff; Hartill #7.29. SKU T1814-49991

Rare calligraphy for "ban", with the top two strokes attached to the main body of the character. "Shizi" form of the "liang" character, with the lower part of "liang" is like a sideways "E". With the so-called "Rain Lines" on the reverse (probably just an artifact of a peculiar casting technique).

A Chinese ounce (liang) weighs about 16 grams. The earliest "Ban Liangs" weighed half that much - 8 grams, but the later pieces, like this one, weighed much less. These late Ban Liangs were cast during the reign of Emperor Wudi (140-87 BC), the date of the casting is ca.136-118 BC and they come from the last issue of Western Han dynasty Ban Liangs. 

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