RR Reversed Wu Zhu cash of Lord Shen, Eastern Jin, c.317-420 AD, China

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Zhu Wu (œZhu� is without the œJin� component), no rims / Inner rims. 20mm, 2.04 grams. Hartill #10.13 var (different type); Gratzer/Fishman #B7.12. T946-49877

Extremely rare larger coin of Shen Lang, with the reversed inscription. The only coin of this type we could find while writing the œWu Zhu� book had a different œWu� and was of a small size.

Attributed to Shen Chong of the House of Wu; cast after the foundation of the Eastern Jin Dynasty in 317. Also known as the Shen Chong Wu Zhu. An old ballad contains the lines œElm seeds countless press in sheets, Lord Shen™s green cash line town streets.� Apparently this means that Lord Shen™s cash were small and light.

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