Rare and superb! Square silver tanka of Mubarak (1316-1320), 719 AH, Delhi Sultanate, India

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Arabic legend spread on both sides: Al-imam al-a'zam khalifa rabb al-alamin qutb al-dunya wa'l din abu'l muzaffar mubaraqshah // al-sultan ibn al-sultan al-wathiq billah amir al-muminin. Hadrat Dar al-Khalifa mint and date written out in the margin (719 AH = 1319AD). 24x24.5mm, 10.86 grams. "The coins of the Indian Sultanates"#D261, Rajgor 1039.

Rare, very nice quality.

Qutb-ud-din Mubarak Shah (r. 13161320) was a ruler of the Delhi Sultanate of present-day India. A member of the Khalji dynasty, he was a son of Sultan Alauddin Khalji. After Alauddin's death, Mubarak Shah was imprisoned by Malik Kafur, who appointed his younger brother Shihabuddin Omar as a puppet monarch. After Malik Kafur's murder, Mubarak Shah became the regent. Soon after, he blinded his brother, and usurped the power. After ascending the throne, he resorted to populist measures, such as abolishing the heavy taxes and penalties imposed by his father, and releasing thousands of prisoners. His historical record is overshadowed by his personality - Mubaraq was openly homosexual and insestuous, and was assasinated after a short reign of 4 years.




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