Rare silver aqche, Khalil Allah II (1524-1532), Shemakhi, Shirvanshahs

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al-Sultan Khalil Allah in two lines // Date in a scalloped square (frozen coronation date 930 AH (1524 CE)), mint formula in the circular margin. 12mm, 0.70 grams. Shemakhi mint. Zeno 235306. SKU T112-49224

Rare variety with the date in a scalloped square and not in a circle.

Shirvanshah was the title of the rulers of Shirvan, located in modern Azerbaijan, from the mid-9th century to the early 16th century. The title remained in a single family, the Yazidids, an originally Arab but speedily Persianized dynasty, although the later Shirvanshahs are also known as the Kasranids or Kaqanids. The Shirvanshah established a native state in Shirvan (located in modern Azerbaijan Republic). The Shirvanshahs dynasty, existing as independent or a vassal state, from 861 until 1538; one of longest existing dynasties in the Islamic world.



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