Very rare mule silver dirham from Kaiyalyq, Mongol Empire, 1240's-1260's

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Kalifat Allah, floral decorations around / Kalifat Allah floral decorations around. 16mm, 1.16 g. cf. Zeno 176112. SKU T415-48578.

Very rare mule of two reverses, showing identical inscription on both sides.

Kaiyalyq was founded sometimes in the 11th century it was a capital of Qarlukhid jagbu, a semi-independent state within the Qarakhanid Qaganate. It was a small but important city on the Silk Road, described by a number of ancient historians as a rich outpost. With the Mongol conquest in the 1220™s it lost much of its importance and was slowly abandoned. It is now an archaeological site, next to a small village called Antonovka/Kaiayliq in Kazakhstan. The site is only now being investigated by the archaeologists, and a few new types of Mongol coins are now appearing from that area.

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