Rare anonymous silver dinar, ca.1260s-1280 AD, Bulgar mint on Volga, Jochid Mongols (Singatullina #176)

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Tamgha in a circle surrounded by decorations / Seven stars. 18mm, 1.27 grams. Singatullina #176.

Usually attributed to Bulgar, but there are some higher quality epigraphic coins from Bulgar, and these coins might come from Bilar or from another, less important, city in the region.

Following the death of Moengke, many different anonymous coins were minted along Volga. Most of the coins are anepigraphic, but they are traditionally attributed to Bulgar on Volga unless other data is available. Most were probably minted during the reign of Berke Khan and Mengu Timur (Moengke Temur) Khan, though it is impossible to date these coins with precision. All these coins are very crude, rare and difficult to find.



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