Beautiful quality and very rare! Earliest Ukrainian medieval coinage, silver denga, minted ca. 1340-1363, Kiev mint, Kievan Rus - Medieval Russian Principalities

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Imitative arabic legends, dots and coiled decorations. 16.5mm, 0.80 grams. Mint of Kiev. Huletski #J1 (p.298)

Exceptional quality and full flan. This is an early type, rare this nice.

Earliest medieval coins struck in Kiev were minted from the 1340's until the nominal principality (at the time administered by the Grand Duchy of Vladimir which was a vassal of the Golden Horde) passed under the control of Grand Duchy of Lithuania (1362/1363). The coins were to a russian denga (or lithuanian penyaz) standard, weighing 0.9 to 0.5 grams (perhaps reflecting the declining weight standard). Like the coins of many of the contemporary Russian Principalities, the coins imitated the dangs of te Kiev's overlord, Jani Beq of the Golden Horde. These Kievan dengas are very rare, and are usually found chipped or broken.

Duchy of Kiev or Kyiv principality was the central principality in Kyivan Rus™. It was formed along with Kyivan Rus in the 9th century. As the Kyivan Rus expanded more principalities were formed within Kyivan Rus. The Kyivan Principality existed as an independent entity until the mid-12th century, when it became an appanage principality. During the Mongol invasion in 1240 the principality was passed to the Grand Duchy of Vladimir which was a vassal of Golden Horde. In 1362-63 the principality became part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In 1393-1440 it was liquidated, but later was reinstated with addition of more territories of the Left-bank Ukraine (Siveria and lands of Pereyaslav). In 1471 the principality was transformed into the Kiev Voivodeship as part of the Polish Crown.



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