Jianbianqian Wu Zhu, late Western Han period (late 1st century BC - early 1st century AD), China (G/F#1.65)

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Two chinese characters Wu Zhu (=5 Zhu) (in Western Han style), outer part removed / Blank, no rims. 17.5mm, 1.22 grams. Gratzer/Fishman "One thousand years of Wu Zhu coinage" #1.65; Hartill 10.17 (different description). 
Severely clipped Western Han Wu Zhus were probably produced during the Western Han period. They were clipped to odd shapes and sometimes are square or rectangular, and are often concave in shape because of the pressure applied by the chisel or clippers. Most of these coins are corroded and poorly preserved, and distinguishing the signs of edge clipping from edge filing or smoothening is often difficult. Most catalogs dispense with this distinction and list all such small coins as œclipped.� The dating of these coins is uncertain; just as the filed coins above they were probably produced in bursts during bad economic or inflationary periods.

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