Rare HUGE (43mm, 10.61 grams!) silver multiple dirhem dated to 367 AH / 977 AD, Sahlan bin Maktum (974-988 AD), Andaraba mint, Badakhshan province, Banijurid vassals () of the Samanid Empire

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Andaraba mint, dated 367 AH. 43mm, 9.20 grams. A-1440. This is the earliest dated multiple dirham struck in the Badakhshan region. Rare and beautiful quality. Multiple dirhams were struck out of freshly mined and unrefined silver in the Samanid province of Badakhshan. These were not struck to any single standard (the weight of these pieces can vary from 5 to 15 grams) and probably fulfilled the role of bullion ingots as well as of (probably local) coinage. All these multiple dirhems are rare.