Post-reform silver tanka of Yaqub ibn Uzun Hassan (1478-1490 AD), Mardin mint, the Aq Qoyunlu - "White Sheep Turcomans"

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Within cartouche, name and titles of Ya'qub; below, khallad Allah mulkahu ("May Allah preserve his kingdom") where mint name is usually found; margin unread / Within square, faman ya'mulu mithqal dhira khayr yarahu ("He who does the weight of one grain of good shall see it [rewarded]"); in margin, the Rashidun. 19x17mm, 5.11 g, Album 2522. 

These Turkish people settled around Lake Van in North Eastern Turkey. They were known as "White Sheep Turkcomans" because of the black sheep emblem on their standard. In 1469 AD the White sheep Turcomans conquered another Turcoman tribe, the "White Sheep" Turcomans, and the two clans were united. Both these tribes issued their own coins to the Timurid standard (tanka of Shah Rukh of about 5.1 grams or sharukhi), all of which are fairly scarce and difficult to find.