Scarce silver drachm in the name of Caliph al-Amin (809-813), Abbasid governors of Samarqand

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Bust right, long Arabic legend naming Al-Amin / Fire altar and attendants. 25mm, 2.90 g. cf. Zeno 16689.

The inscription has been variously read and the coin, though traditionally attributed to Amin, can be given various attributions. The current opinion is leaning toward considering these coins to be issues of Ali bin Isa bn Mahan, governor of Khorasan and the east (180-191 AH / 796-806 AD) with the inscription (as “bism Allah Muhammad rasul Allah muhammadiyya mimma amara bihi al-Amir `Ali, Sulayman lillah” naming Ali and not Amin).