Rare gold fanam minted by the Dutch VOC company in Tuticorin, ca.1658-1779, South-Eastern India (Herrli #3.07.03 var. with a sun and crescent)

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Degenerate Kali with the Tanjore rosette on the breast / Stylized and angular Ranga Rau, transormed into a decorated geometric design. 6mm, 0.35 grams. Tuticorin mint. Herrli #3.07.03 var.

This is a very interesting and rare variety with a sun and crescent in the upper left on obverse. The rest of the design on both sides is the same as on the more common Tuticorin fanams.

The Dutch VOC company received the right to strike fanams in Tuticorin from Tanjore. Krause dates these coins to ca.1785-1792. It seems that these coins were struck over a longer period of time, though. The coins are slightly debased, the purity of these coins seems to range from about 14 karats to 18 karats. Rare little coins!



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