Famous "Malik of Kurzuwan" siege issue jital, minted in the month Rabi, 618 AH (May/June 1221 AD) in Kurzuwan in Khwarezm when it was besieged by Ghengiz Khan

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Al-Malik ("The King") in the central circle, tarikh rabi al-akhar sanat thaman asbar wa sin mi'at ("dated to Rabi II, of the year 618") / Mint name  and Kalima in three lines. 19mm, 3.91 grams. Tye 324.1; Nyamaa 31; Album 1971.

This fascinating type was minted in May/June 1221 AD in the city of Kurzuwan, when it was besieged by Ghengiz Khan. The coins were minted in the name of the "Malik of Kurzuwan" - an enigmatic title. It is not certain who it belonged to, but it seems that someone within the city assumed the royal power of "malik" ("King"), while probably keeping a nominal allegience to Sultan Mangurbani. This is a siege issue - one of the very few such Islamic issues ever issued. There are two types of this coin, one type dated Rabi II, and one dated Jumada I. This is the more common, and earlier month. Going by the scarcity of the coins, it is reasonable to suspect that the city fell sometime in Jumada I, literally weeks after the minting of this coin. Ghengis Khan completely destroyed the city and slaughtered the population.