Unpublished variety - mint-state gold fanam, Augrangzeb (1658-1707) or Alamgir II (1754-1759), Balapur mint, Mughal Empire

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Inscription divided with a line: Shah lamgir / Ala... / Balapur. Mint of Balapur. 7mm, 0.36 grams. Herrli "Gold Fanams" 8.07-8.08 (though this type is unlisted).

Fasinating little gold coin in mint-state condition. The name of Alamgir is split over the two lines (as sometimes seen on the Mughal fanams), or perhaps the description was meant to be "Shah Alamgir Alam" ("Shah of the World, Alamgir"). It's been suggested that the coin is of Alamgir I (Aurangzeb) (1658-1707), especially since the coin was found along with some datable fanams of Sarabhaji I of Tanore (1711-1727), but I am not sure about that. The "alif" in "Shah" is VERY clear on the coin, but is not visible on the scan. Superb little gold coin!