Kanei Tsuho bun-sen, Kameido, Edo, Musashi province, 1668-1683, Japan (Hartill #4.100)

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Four characters - Kan Ei Tsu Ho / Bun above the hole. 25mm, 3.44 grams. Kameido (outside of Tokyo) mint, cast 1668-1683. Hartill 4.100.

Most Japanese coins are very rare. These coins are, however, common - they were inspired by the Ming dynasty cash from China. "Kan Ei Tsu Ho" means "Universal Treasure of Kan Ei". These coins were made from the remains of the large statue of the Daibutsu, which was destroyed in the great earthquae of 1682. Because these coins were made from a statue of a deity, they were sought after and were thought to offer health protection for smokers. Cast in the village of Kameido on the outskirts of Tokyo