Bunsei Sen Kanei Tsuho large 4-mon coin, minted 1857-1859, Umibeshinden, Fugawa Province, Japan (Hartill #4.256)

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Four characters - Kuan Ei Tsu Ho / Blank. 28mm, 4.28 grams. Edo (Tokyo mint), issued 1857-1859. Hartill 4.256.

Dark copper alloy, regular characters.

Most Japanese coins are very rare. These coins are, however, common - they were inspired by the Ming dynasty cash from China. "Kwan Ei Tsu Ho" means "Universal Treasure of Kwan Ei". The coins were minted from 1821 to 1825 in Umibeshinden in Fugawa. These coins carried the denomination of 4-mon and carried 11 "waves" on the reverse.