1510-1516 - AE cash (rare variety with a continuous "trumpet", small characters), Emperor Lê Tuong Duc (1510-1516), Later Lê Dynasty (1428-1788), Kingdom of Vietnam (Hartill #25.20 var)

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Four Chinese characters - Hong Thuan Thong Bao (Vietnamese reading) / Blank. 25mm, 3.30 grams. Issued 1510-1516. Hartill 25.20.

This is the type with a continuous "trumpet" "shui" radical in "Hong", all four character small-sized (rare variety)

The coins of the Vietnamese Kings imitated Chinese coins. The official issues were often heavier than the Chinese coins and with somewhat cruder calligraphy. Many local imitative issues circulated along with the official coins. This large copper coin is an official issue coin.

Lê Tuong Duc (1510 - 1516). Lê Tu9o9ng Duc proved to be just as bad a ruler as Lê Uy Muc. He reigned from 1510 to 1516, all the while spending down the royal treasury, and doing nothing to improve the country. He was heedless to the reaction that his taxes caused throughout the country. His rule ended in 1516 when a group of officials and generals stormed the palace and killed him.



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