1381-1382 - Rare copper Hoang Nguyen cash of the rebel Nguyen Bo (1381-1382), Bac-giang province, Vietnam

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Four Chinese characters - Hoang Nguyen Thong Bao (Vietnamese reading) / Blank. 25mm, 3.42 grams. Issued 1381-1382. Toda -; Barker -; Vietnamese coins (2002) #460.

This type is attributed to the rebel Nguyen Bo in the "Vietnamese coins" and by the current numismatic scholars in Vietnam, though in most catalogues it appears as an "unattributed issue".

Rebel Nguyen Ho was a man of low birth who lead a revolt against the central government after the taxes were greatly raised to pay for the frontier wars. Nguyen Ho lead the popular revolt in the Bac-giang province after proclaiming himself King under the name Hi-Nguyan. The government quickly sent troops to pacify the province, and Nguyen disappered from history sometimes in 1382. 



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