1459-1460 - Rare and short-lived official issue Thien Hung bronze cash, Emperor Lê Duc Hau (1459-1460), Later Lê Dynasty (1428-1788), Kingdom of Vietnam (Hartill 25.15)

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Four Chinese characters - Thien Hung Thong Bao (Vietnamese reading) / Blank. 24mm, 3.32 grams. Issued 1459-1460. Hartill 25.15; Vietnamese Coins (2002) #114.

Rare and short-lived issue of the the rebel Lang-Son - the eldest son of the ruling Emperor Thai-Tong, Lang-Son was excluded from the succession after the nomination of his younger brother as heir-apperant to the throne. His rebellion began on the "3rd day of the 10th" moon of 1459 with the murder of both his father and his mother. He was proclaimed King under the name of Le Duc Hau and enjoyed a short and trouble-filled rule of less than 2 years. He was overthrown in another palace intrigue in 1460.

The coins of the Vietnamese Kings imitated Chinese coins. The official issues were often heavier than the Chinese coins and with somewhat cruder calligraphy. Many local imitative issues circulated along with the official coins. This large copper coin is an official issue coin.




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