High quality! Scarce silver 1/2 grosso of John Albert (Jan Olbracht) (1492-1501), Poland

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REGIS : POLONIE, Crown within a circle / MK MONETA ALBERTI, Polish heraldic eagle (known as "White Eagle"). 18mm, 0.78 grams. Krakow mint. Kopicki 386.

John was the third son of Casimir IV Jagiellon, King of Poland, and Elisabeth Habsburg of Hungary, daughter of the King Albert of Hungary. As crown prince, he distinguished himself by his brilliant victory over the Tatars at Kopersztyn (1487). In 1490, the Hungarian nobility proclaimed John King of Hungary at the Rákos diet. He was, however, defeated by his brother, King Vladislaus II of Hungary. In 1492, John succeeded his father as King of Poland thanks to the key intervention of his brother Friedrich Jagiellon, archbishop of Kraków and archbishop of Gniezno