Rare 15-cash, Wang Mang (9-23 AD), Xin dynasty, China (H#9.10)

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Four Chinese characters Da Quan Shi Wu ("Great coin, 15 (cash)"), single rim inside the central hole, raised outside rim / Blank, small dot under the rim. 23mm, 2.33 grams. Hartill 9.10; Gratzer/Fishman "The Numismatic Legacy of Wang Mang" C3.31. SKU T1000-38331

Rare, giving the denomination as "15-cash" - it is unknown if it was intended as a separate denomination or if it was just an accidental inversion of the numerals.

Wang Mang (c. 45 BC “ 6 October 23 AD), was a Han dynasty official and consort kin who seized the Chinese imperial throne from the Liu family and founded the Xin (or Hsin, referring to either the site of Wang's first fiefdom or meaning "renewed") dynasty. He ruled from 9 AD to 23 AD. Some historians have traditionally viewed Wang as a usurper, while others have portrayed him as a visionary and selfless social reformer. Though a learned Confucian scholar who sought to implement the harmonious society he saw in the classics, his efforts ended in chaos.




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