Octagonal tin pitis, 1219 AH, Badar-ud-Din II (1803-25), Palembang Sultanate (R#10.15)

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Rare octagonal tin pitis dated 1219 AH (date retrograde), S.Mahmud Badar-ud-Din II (1803-1814, 1818-1821, 1825), Palembang mint, Palembang Sultanate (Robinson #10.15)

Arabic inscriptions "Masruf fi bilad Palembang 1219" (date written retrograde - 1219 AH = 1804 AD) / Blank. 19mm, 0.65 grams. Robinson #10.15 (rarest rating - R10); Krause 123; Millies #195-197.

Rare coin! The only pieces I've seen offered for a public sale were sold by Münzen & Medaillen Deutschland GmbH, Auction 10, Auction date: March 22nd, 2002. Lot number: 681. It was a lot of 3 pieces (same type but on round flans, more common that the octagonal type offered for sale), sold for 120 Euros + auction commissions. Palembang is a city in the Northern area of Sumatra, Indonesia. It was once a Portuguese colony, and later the seat of the Sultanate of Palembang. The coins of Palembang were cast in the fashion of the coins from Melaka. They are all rare and difficult to find.



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