Wu Zhu cash of Emperor Wen Di (535-551),Western Wei dynasty, China (H#10.25)

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Two Chinese characters Wu Zhu ("5 zhu"), inside rim only on the left side of the hole, wide outside rim / Blank, inside and outside rim. Issued after 540 AD. 22.5mm, 2.15 grams. Hartill 10.25

Crossing lines of wu straight, inner rim by the wu only. Previously attributed to the Sui Dynasty, coins of this distinctive type were found within the tomb of HouYi of the Western Wei (535-56).

The Western Wei Dynasty followed the disintegration of the Northern Wei, and ruled northern China from 535 to 556. After the Xianbei general Yuwen Tai killed the Northern Wei emperor Yuan Xiu, he installed Yuan Baoju as emperor of Western Wei while Yuwen Tai would remain as the virtual ruler. Although smaller than the Eastern Wei in territory and population, Western Wei was able to withstand the attacks from the eastern empire. Due to its better economical conditions, Western Wei was even able to conquer the whole western part of the Liang empire in the south and occupied the territory of modern Sichuan. In 557 Yuwen Tai's nephew Yuwen Hu deposed Emperor Gong and placed Yuwen Tai's son Yuwen Jue on the throne, ending Western Wei and establishing Northern Zhou.

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