Rare and unlisted type - Large tin pitis - British puppet-ruler - Sultan Ahmd Najmuddin II (1812-1813, 1818-1821), with "Seat of the State of England", Palembang, British occupation of Sumatra (1812-1816)

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Arabic inscription: 'alamat fi beled palembang dar inglistan ("Mark of the City of Palembang, seat of the State of England"), uniface. 21mm, 1.11 grams. Palembang mint. Millies-200 var (legend arrangement unlisted).

This is an unlisted variety - the legend is practically unreadable and the arrangement is very different from normal. Not in any standard references. Interesting and rare.

Rare. Issue of Sultan Ahmd Najmuddin II placed on the throne by the British first from 1812-1813 and again from 1818-1821. Cast during Ahmd's first reign, 1812-1813.